GOD, Don’t Stop Watching Over Me..

To tell you the truth, I’ve been inspired to see this young little entrepreneur when she started her own online boutique since the last 2 years and because of her, I had also taken my own steps to jump into what people known as ‘business’.

Yes, it is hard to believe that one day I’ll be standing in front of all of you and keep on telling you about how to make money on property investment. From a shy little ‘ensem‘ guy to a ‘confident-like speaker’, it feels like “Am I doing the right thing? Am I giving/sharing a reliable investment techniques?” but to be sincere, I’ve been practising all these techniques and strategies and it has been proven by the ‘success’ of my own-self. Anyhow for those who know me personally, yes.. I’m a happy-go-lucky type or what they may called as kaki kencing but when it comes to investment topic, no ‘hanky-panky thought’ will be involved.

As a reminder, I really appreciate if you can comment/condemn me for any ‘misbehaviour conduct/words’ in my post in order for me to keep on improving myself, will not go overboard and being label as ‘a peanut that forget its skin’.

To Allah, Please don’t stop watching over me.

Peanut that forget its skin = ‘Kacang yang lupakan kulitnya’

AE : Tetiba rasa gatai pulak nak tulis ikut omputih. Sorry kalau ada grammar mistake.. hehehe


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